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Fractional CFO support for venture backed startups

We help ventures from seed to Series B get the most out of their capital, streamline financials, and manage investor relations so the founders can focus on scaling.

Our Services

There are multiple reasons why getting a portfolio CFO on board could help drive your business to the next level, here are just a few of the most common ones:

Opening a round

Opening a Round

We’ll help you build out your model, deck, and data room, and make sure you have the right documents in place to get your round started properly.

Closing a round

Closing a Round

Help you negotiate with investors, compliance, filings, and manage the due diligence and long-form legal process so that you can bank the cash and get back to building.

setting business model

Setting Business Model

We’ll work to understand your business from top to bottom, evaluating and inputting into your revenue or pricing models, working on your go-to market, or improving your unit economics.

product market fit

Product / Market Fit

Now your business is ready to put its foot on the peddle, we’ll help understand resource allocation, cash needs and work to remove operational constraints to get your venture flying.

institutional investors

Institutional Investors

We’ll take the heavy lifting out of managing your investors, setting and providing metrics and performance reporting, keeping your cap table up to date, and modelling outcomes based on needs.

formal board

Formal Board

Operations forge a path, the board sets the direction, and we’ll help ensure you have robust governance and controls, reporting on performance and inputting on strategy.

internal growth

International Growth

Understanding local compliance issues, setting up structures, transfer pricing & other tax planning and leading on governance.



Whether you’ve identified potential targets for acquisition (or even found an acquirer), we’ll help you to evaluate deals, inform on how to price them and manage through the process alongside you.



Many businesses and their founders have their eyes firmly on the prize of an ultimate exit whether by trade sale or a listing. Our CFOs will work with you to help ensure the process is as smooth as possible with best possible outcome.

Built for Scaling Companies

We know that building a venture that is scaling quickly is not like building any other kind of business. That’s why we ensure that all our CFOs have been there before. We have the knowledge, tools and relationships to make sure your finance scales as your venture does, becoming a catalyst for growth, not a blocker.

I founded EmergeOne because I strongly believe access to knowledge & experience around finance shouldn’t be a barrier to growth. Too many external providers are focused on the operational, or are too hands off in their approach, at a price point that is prohibitive for startups. I knew that with the right squad of CFOs we could deliver startups the services they need when they most need them, fuelling their growth and helping them to scale.

Aarish Shah
Founder, EmergeOne

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